1. Masks must be worn when entering or exiting the building. MASKS must also be worn while on the field. (Cotton masks with filters or the blue generic, surgical masks are recommended per a local doctor's recommendation.) All coaches will wear masks at all times. Girls should wear mouthpieces under their masks (except K-2 who do not wear mouthpieces). Boys may opt to wear an approved helmet face shield instead of a mask which is sold by Cascade. Otherwise, boys should wear a mask under their helmets as well.

2. We have elected to cap our clinics at 12 players to be extra safe. Therefore, parents may not stay inside the facility during the practice and are should drop their children off at the front door.

3. The Football Factory has a ceiling ventilation system that draws outside air in through a separate entrance and pulls it through the building and out the roof continually. They also manually disinfect high-touch areas several times a day, and the owner uses an electrostatic disinfectant fogger machine every day to clean the air and whole space.


4. The Football Factory health questionnaire must be filled out before every practice. A QR code is on the front door to make access quick and easy.


5. Clinic times are spaced 10 minutes apart to allow for less crossover of players as they enter/exit.


6. Temperature checks will be done at the front door.


7. If you have been contacted by the school or DOH about a possible exposure, the CDC (and Learn2Lax) require a 7 day quarantine from the last contact day, with PROOF of a negative PCR test, to return to play. Without a test, you must quarantine for 10 days. Tests may not be taken earlier than day 5, and are recommended to be taken between days five and seven. Negative PCR test results should be emailed to no later than 2 hours before the time of the child's clinic.

8. The above only applies if the exposed person and no one in the household exhibits symptoms. 

9. If anyone in your household is exhibiting symptoms, the player is considered a close contact, and must adhere to rule number seven, above. 

10. If a family member has been recognized as a "close contact," players should not attend lacrosse clinics until that close contact has gotten a negative PCR test result.


11. If a child in our clinic has been asked to quarantine or has tested positive, please email to inform us, so that we may keep all of our other players and coaches safe.

12. Obviously all other general Covid rules apply for Learn2Lax as well. Wash hands, wear a mask and stay 6' apart. If you travel outside of NJ, NY, PA, CT, and DE, you must also quarantine as per NJDOH rules.

13. If the State of NJ mandates closure of indoor sports/facilities, families will be given a full refund of the remaining sessions.